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With over a decade of success in developing effective messaging solutions, we understand having the right messaging platform is vital. Our communications hub was developed in partnership with leading edge developers and service providers using best-of-breed components to build a system that is flexible, scalable and rich in features. The Hub was designed to handle virtually any type of interactive messaging campaign.


The Hub offers limitless capabilities for robust customization. Need a voice-based survey so customers can ‘say’ their response vs. entering it into their mobile phone? How about a proactive notification that includes a personalized intro “Hello Sue, this is General Healthcare calling…” and dynamic data (date, time, location) for each client? Maybe an automated activation call or text that allows your client the convenience of activating their account immediately, and has the activation flow into your systems. With the Hub, just about anything is possible.


The Hub was designed to support small and large enterprise clients alike. Our messaging capacity can scale up or down as needed to accommodate thousands or millions of messages a day. Capacity constraints are not a concern with the Hub.


Hubbub is an extension of our communications hub, providing additional tools In support of Mobile Marketing programs. Expand your Marketing plan to include engaging your customers through their mobile phone.

Generate leads and capture lead contact info with opt-in campaigns

Create loyalty programs with mobile coupons and virtual punch cards

Drive purchases by driving traffic to your mobile website