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There are multitudes of ways automated messaging can be used within an organization. If you are interested in learning more about your specific industry, or have questions pertaining to your organization, we are always excited to share our knowledge and discuss your specific needs. Give us a call to learn how we can help you embrace messaging in a painless, cost-effective manner. With our decade plus of experience helping clients of all sizes, across all industries, we’ve learned quite a few things.

New Customers

Generate leads and acquire new customers is the mantra of every sales department. Use voice and text messaging as tools to generate interest in your products or services and have prospects opt-in for more information. The key to success is in developing effective ways to grow your opt-in, or leads database.

Make sure your new customers turn in to long-term, loyal customers. Start the onboarding process with a welcome call and continue with appointment reminders, first bill reminders, etc. Give them the opportunity to opt-in to receive personalized previews, promotional offers and more.

Keyword Campaigns: Set-up various keyword opt-in programs where prospects can receive information on your company – address, directions, hours, closest location to drive more leads. Text can include links to mobile landing page to learn about specific products or services and even encourage purchases. Provide codes where prospects can call-in to an IVR and hear the details.

Click to Call: Reduce shopping cart abandonment. Connect with prospects as they browse your website. Click to call is a simple way to directly connect with your prospects.

Opt-in Kiosk: Use our opt-in kiosk application on your tablet or computer at point-of-sale and make it easy for everyone to opt-in to receive future announcements and coupons. This is a great tool to drive the growth of your leads database.

Deliver sales leads: Have your sales team get a jump on their leads. Immediately send them a call or text providing the details of the lead.

Coupons: Stimulate trial or purchase with mobile coupons. Deliver coupons within the text itself or from a mobile landing page. Allow recipients to forward to friends, use multiple times, and capture their contact information. Include barcodes for tracking.

Welcome: Start the relationship on a positive note welcoming customers and providing pertinent information as to how they can maximize the value you provide.

Activation: Use voice or text-based activations for everything from equipment turn-ons to membership starts.


According to the Harvard Business Review, research shows that delighting customers does not build loyalty; instead, reducing their effort or the work they must do to get their problem solved, does. The article then goes on to state that by acting on this insight, organizations can help improve customer service, reduce customer service costs, and decrease customer churn.

So how do you reduce customer effort? Through personalized, proactive communications that keep your customers educated and informed.

Appointment Reminders: Reduce your no shows or wasted truck rolls and maximize your revenue through appointment reminders. Personalize your reminder by adding date, time, location, etc. Allow customers to confirm appointments or reschedule through voice or text.

Service Notification: Keep your customers informed by confirming repair status or completion, service upgrade or activation.

Outages: Reduce the flood of inbound calls to your call center by automating inbound and outbound outage notifications. Permit customers to opt-in for automated updates.

Collections: Integrate automated messaging into your payment and collections process. Send friendly payment reminders and then follow with targeted messages to late payers or non-payers designed to drive the desired response. Allow easy payment options by connecting to a payment IVR or mobile payment site.

Account activity: Notify customers of approval, inform them when they are about to reach their account balance, verify purchases or activate a card.

Loyalty Programs

According to Inc., a business invests 5 to 10 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one. Your existing customers spend 67% more than a new one. So, what are you doing to keep your customers coming back?

If you are like 65% of marketers, your company has implemented some type of loyalty program, with the most common being the loyalty card. Present a card at purchase and receive discounts, coupons or an allotment of points on future purchases. The hot trend now has been to move away from traditional magnetic, stamp or punchcards in favor of an electronic – or digital equivalent.

Follow the trend – streamline and automate your loyalty programs and maximize their ROI through phone and text-based redemption and fulfillment programs. Automated messaging is a great way to keep your loyalty initiative top of mind and in use to maximize their ROI potential

Coupons: Mobile coupons are 10 times more likely to be redeemed than traditional coupons. Deliver coupons within the text itself or from a mobile landing page. Include barcodes, QR codes, and tracking capabilities. Deliver phone generated coupon codes or use IVR coupon redemption applications.

Virtual Punchcards: Use our text-based virtual punchcard to track purchases and to then deliver a FREE, one-time use coupon. No more manually punching or marking or distributing cards for your customers with mobile phones.

Games: Create excitement around your brand with games and prizes geared towards your loyal customers. Select random or “nth” winners and be as creative as you want. Create a trivia game with questions based on your product. Provide prizes or coupons to participants based on how well they score. Deliver these games via text or an inbound IVR or use both to drive your customers to your website to play.

Passes, Tickets: Distribute free passes or tickets by sending a text with an attached bar-coded coupon. Your loyal customers can present the pass or ticket to be scanned for admissions to an event. Allow them to call into an IVR where they can be provided a special access code or automated instructions on how to receive their tickets.

Frequency programs: Develop phone-based or text-based frequency programs. Have customers call into an inbound IVR to enter frequency information. Text-based programs include a coupon code and link to a mobile site for redemption.

Fulfillment: Use voice or text based opt-in fulfillment applications to automate and simplify your product fulfillment. Customers can receive text or voice based notices that it is time to renew or replenish, which can then be handled through a call to an IVR or your website.

Drip campaigns: Create voice or text-based drip campaigns, allowing you to automatically send out timely notifications over a period of time. Create a wellness campaign where patients receive reminders for medications, appointments, and general good health tips for their symptoms. Send product usage tips over the first 90 days from date of purchase.

Surveys, Polls

Gain incredible insight into your customers likes and dislikes, perceptions and more by capturing the voice of your customer through automated surveys and data collection efforts. Give your customers control by allowing them to select their preferred channel of choice – voice, text or online. Integrate the channels for additional options such as:

Send text message with link to mobile website survey

Send text and click to call to connect to inbound survey IVR

Deliver automated calls driving traffic to online survey

Voice-based surveys, both inbound and outbound, can be speech-enabled so collection efforts are through the spoken-word or through the touch-tone keypad. Automated surveys and data collection efforts allow you to collect feedback while the experience is still fresh in your customer’s mind.

Customer Satisfaction: Track your customer satisfaction rating or measure your Net Promoter Score. Identify potential detractors and ask separate questions detailing their experience. Gain further insight by capturing customers’ thoughts and opinions through our record feature. Optimize your collection efforts by routing detractors to a save team and sharing details on your referral program to Promoters.

New product or service feedback: Survey users on satisfaction of new products or features or poll them to identify development priorities.

Qualify Participants: Identify and qualify participants for focus groups or product trials. Reduce what typically takes weeks to just a few days.

Awareness, Market Share: Survey consumers to gauge and track brand awareness, purchasing habits, or market share.

Political Polling: Identify supporters or those still undecided. Determine the most important issues of each undecided voter, then follow-up with targeted messages focused on the issue most significant to them.

This experience helps us to optimize and tune our systems and processes to offer our clients the best interactive messaging solutions in the industry.