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In today’s “on the go” world, connecting with your customers continues to be a difficult task. Telemarketing contact rates continue to drop, direct mail response rates are nearly non-existent, and email open rates are on the decline.

So how do you continue to stay connected with your clients?

The mobile phone! The one device that over 90% of owners keep within arm’s reach 24×7. Mobile phones allow you to instantly connect with your customers through voice and SMS text messaging…anytime…anyplace.

Voice Messaging

Automate your voice communications utilizing our next generation Communications Hub. Send thousands or millions of one-way “blast” messages or engage with your clients with interactive calls. Gain insights into your customers likes and dislikes as they interact with messages and provide valuable information back to you.

Whether your campaign or project is informational, inbound marketing response, debt collections, surveys, etc – the team at Hubcast is able to provide the most effective voice communications system to achieve your goals and maximize results.

SMS Text Messaging

Your customers are on the go, but they still expect you to keep them informed. Text messaging is an effective way to “stay connected” to your mobile customers. With over 90% of your clients having their cell phones nearby and a text message response time of 90 seconds vs. 90 minutes for email, text message campaigns are an important part of your overall communications strategy.

Text messaging improves the likelihood of having your message delivered. Inform through one-way texts or receive feedback from your client via two-way text messages.

Mobile Marketing

With Hubbub, our new Mobile Marketing platform, you can fully engage your customers with communications that deliver immediacy and intimacy. Encourage consumers to interact instantly with your brand or organization by delivering relevant and engaging content that persuades them to act, buy more products and services, or visit your mobile website regularly to check for specials and upcoming events. Contact us to learn more about the Hubbub Mobile Marketing Platform.