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Text Marketing Features

Blasts / Alerts: Send proactive text-based notifications to keep your customers informed. Include a phone number and/or a link to your website for additional information.

Auto-Responder: Schedule future messages or a “drip-campaign” triggered automatically based on the time and date of the initial opt-in engagement.

Mobile Coupons: Mobile coupons enjoy 10 times the redemption rate of traditional coupons. Deliver coupons within the text itself or from a mobile landing page. Configure your coupons to allow or prohibit repeat usage, forward to a friend, or capture contact information.

Voting/Polling/Surveys: Collect feedback quickly through polls or multi-question surveys. Reward their participation with a mobile coupon.

Trivia: Engage your customers at your next event with trivia contests. As participants answer questions, they are notified of the correct answer and how well they did against other participants. Notify winners with the highest score of their prize.

Text-to-Win/Scratcher: Create excitement with games and prizes! Select nth winners or randomly select one or more to win a prize. Send consolation prizes as well.

Text-to-Screen: Event attendees can text in their comments, votes, pledges, or shout-outs, and they instantly appear on a large screen or monitor for everyone to see. Our built-in moderator option allows you to “approve” messages before appearing on the display.

Appointment Reminders: Send one-way text-based appointment reminder notifications or two-way interactive reminders that allow your customer to confirm or reschedule their appointment. Our appointment reminder application allows you to receive and respond to all return messages from your clients.

Text2Donate: Our texts can include a link to a mobile site containing a secure page where donations can be completed and contact information obtained. Donations are immediately processed and quickly deposited directly into your bank account.

Text2Pledge: Donors opt-in and respond with the amount they pledge. A follow-up text includes payment instructions.

Virtual punch card: Customers receive a text-message with a link to their virtual punch card. Each purchase provides a new coupon code which is tracked until the final purchase has been made, providing a one-time use FREE coupon.

Virtual Business Card: Deliver your contact info via text and capture their mobile number and grow your leads at the same time. Now you can send a new card to your entire database whenever you change a piece of info. Plus, easily send messages to them at any time. You can be notified via text and/or email each time someone requests your contact info.

QR Codes: Generate QR codes that, when scanned, will populate the text message including short code and message into the text itself.

Kiosk Creator: Expand your opt-in opportunities by allowing customers to opt-n while visiting your business from a tablet, kiosk, or computer screen at the point-of-sale. Hubcast can create customized point-of-sale kiosks.

Web forms: Add a couple of our strategically placed mobile opt-in forms and capture more leads from your website. These leads are then dropped directly in your opt-in database.

Mobile Website Development: Is your website mobile ready? Hubcast can quickly build a mobile optimized website that looks rich and polished on mobile devices. Our mobile sites have easy to understand and use buttons, easy to complete forms, and can deliver maps and rich content that make your brand come alive on a mobile device.