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A Sampling of Our Features

Ringless” Voicemail Delivery: Hubcast brings you the richness of voice without the continual “ringing” of the phone. Deliver messages directly into carrier’s voicemail system without the intrusive continual “ringing” of the phone. No more interruptions during dinner.  Give your customer’s control of when they want to connect with you. Increase message comprehension – “rewind” and re-listen as needed.

Record: Gain incredible insight by recording feedback from your customers. Include open-ended questions in your customer satisfaction surveys, or poll customers on the attractiveness of new features.
Responses are recorded in a .wav format and can be converted to text.

Dynamic Surveys: Create custom surveys with dynamic branching based on user inputs. If a client rates service low, branch to a different set of questions exploring the reasons for the poor ratings. Incorporate the “Record” feature to learn more about the experience. Provide a press-1 option to be directly connected to a save team for further investigation.

Detection Accuracy: Ensure delivery of the right message and ensure the entire message is delivered. Tone-based detection is a significant advancement over energy-based answering machine detection technologies. Most systems guess whether the call is connected to a human based on energy levels and timing queues, resulting in delivery miscues that degrade the quality and performance of your campaign. Our solution constantly “listens” and uses special acoustic models to generate 98% message delivery accuracy. Your message sounds more professional because it starts precisely where it should.

Personalization of Message Content: Gone are the days of having to send everyone the same “universal” message.  Increase response rates as much as 400% through personalized content.  We can personalize the greeting, message content such as date, time, amount, work order number, etc., or the entire message can be different on a call by call basis. Send persuasive, targeted messages based on individual needs.

Integrated Channel Messages: Utilize multiple communication channels within a single program.  For instance, send an outbound call informing supporters of upcoming town hall meetings (date, time, location) and allow them to press 1 if interested in attending. 
Immediately send a “post-call” email confirming the details of the event, followed by a text reminder the day before the event.

Safety Net Features: Hubcast has built-in safety features to ensure your campaigns remain legally compliant. Time zone plans ensure calls are only placed during permitted hours, call start/stop times that are based on your clients local time, and opt-in options for managing your internal do not call list, are a few of the ways we remain vigilant, and you can sleep restfully knowing you are compliant.

Text-to-Speech: We only use best-of-breed components, which is why our text-to-speech solution offers the most realistic, natural sounding speech on the market. Use the speech engine to insert dynamic data such as name or address or use the speech engine to render and play the entire message.

Concatenated Speech: Want to utilize your special voice talent instead of a text-to-speech engine to personalize each call? We can assist your voice talent to quickly record specific data sets such as months, days, numbers, etc. which are used to create a uniform, custom message unique to each caller.Looking to customize your campaign with dynamic data such as evelop an entertaining “call to action” message and allow call recipients to create custom introductions and then forward the message to their friends.

Advanced Speech Recognizer: Add speech to any inbound or outbound voice application. From complex inbound service IVRs to automated outbound survey navigation, speech-enabled applications can provide a more efficient means of input. As more customers prefer connecting via their mobile phone, speech-enabled interactions provide a better user experience. Various languages are supported.

Voice Biometrics: Voice biometrics technology can be used to strengthen access and security of confidential client data by ensuring that a person is who they claim to be. Contact us to learn how this technology can improve your identity verification, out of band authentication, password reset, and voice e-signature programs.

Viral Call: Develop an entertaining “call to action” message and allow call recipients to create custom introductions and then forward the message to their friends.  From one call come many.

Legislative Lookup: Enhance advocacy related programs by providing a strong call to action. Influence legislation by quickly connecting supporters to their legislator. Nothing sends a signal better than swamping a legislator’s office with real calls, from real constituents. Contact us to learn more about our various “call to action” applications.